ReOpening 20-21

Family Income Survey

Please fill out the Family Inquiry Survey that helps with School Meals at school!

NYCDOE Learning Preference Survey

 ONLY if you want 100% REMOTE --- You MUST fill out this survey for the NYCDOE!

I-Pad Parent Workshop

Apple, in partnership with the DOE, is providing a series of helpful sessions to help all parents and guardians help set up iPads for their children. These sessions will include parental controls, Screen Time, navigating the device and exploring built-in apps and features. 



NYCDOE Discipline Code

Dear parents, 

Please review the NYCDOE Discipline Code for 20-21.

Learning Bridges Program

If you are interested in the Learning Bridges program, which will provide child care options for children from 3-K through 8th grade this fall for days when they are not in school buildings please fill out this survey:

School Calendar

Click on the link to see the school calendar for September 2020-December 2020. 

  Year 2020.pdf 

PS 333 School Hours and Visitor Rules

Monday - Friday 

School starts at 8:30 am (NO EARLY DROP OFF)

School Ends at 2:00 pm (NO EARLY PICK UP- Unless an emergency) 

Visitors: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Call 718-860-3313 to schedule your appointment. 

PS 333 Program Model

PS 333 Model 2

  • Three in-person cohorts (A, B, C), one remote (D).
  • Provides regularity on days per week with some variation by week (e.g. Group A is in-person every Wednesday, as well as on Monday in week 1 and Tuesday in week 3).
  • Group A, Group B, Group C: in-person learning 1-3 days per week (5 days every 3 weeks); remote learning for non-in person days including attending live instruction on a specific schedule. 
  • Group D: remote every day; consists of students who opt out of in-person instruction. Students must attend live online learning instruction every day based on a specific schedule.


PS 333 School Level Reopening Plans

School Hours

School starts: 8:30 a.m. (NO EARLY ARRIVAL) 

School day ends: 2:00 pm 


  • 3-K/ PreK1: Annex Entrance (Rogers Place) 
  • PreK 2 & 3/Kindergarten: Front entrance (Rev. James Polite)
  • Big Yard (Door 7)- Grades 1 & 2
  • Middle Yard (Door 5): Grade 3
  • Side Entrance Rev. James Polite (Door 3): Grade 4/5


Grades 1-5 in the big yard in designated areas. 

3K- PreK - Door near stairs and garden on Rev. James Polite. 

Kindergarten - Door on Rev. James Polite next to school parking lot. 

Temperature Checks:

Daily checks at home and random at school entrance


Grab and go in the classroom at 8:30 am 


Grab and Go Lunch will be provided in the classroom. Students will have a learning lunch time.  

Lunch Times: 

10:00 am ----  5th Grade

10:55 am ---- 3K, PreK, Kindergarten, 1st Grade

11:50 am ---- 2nd, 3rd Grade

12:45 pm ----- 4th Grade

PS 333 School Norms

  • One- two student/s inside the bathroom at a time
  • No lining up or leaning on walls
  • Keep SIX FEET apart at all times
  • All students must face the same direction at all times (forward)
  • All students must stay within their classroom designated area
  • Temperature will be taken upon entering the building.
  • NO use of water fountains will be available unless to fill water bottle
  • Isolation room will be available in the event of sickness during school hours. Room 315
  • Air Conditioners may not be in use due to inability to filter COVID

PS 333 Tentative Grading Policy

This is a tentative grading policy for students. 



Revised Grading Policy

ELA and Math

Revised Grading Policy


Revised Grading Policy


Revised Grading Policy

PE/ Technology


(Imagine Learning, Online ELA/Math Platforms, Reading log, etc.)





Responses to

(questions, group, SEL moments on posts, announcements, and/or live)





Submitted Assignments          (all graded submissions/assignments)





Important Definitions

  • Synchronous Learning: Real time learning with students and Teachers
  • Asynchronous Learning: Self-paced learning
  • Live Instruction: Occurs during your instructional period using a streaming platform, workshop model
  • Office Hours: Contacting parents (DOE initiative), troubleshooting with students who are remote etc.

Preperation for the 20-21 School Year

  • Practice wearing mask for 5 hours or more
  • Practice social distancing (standing on marked areas)
  • Practice daily sanitary actions (hand sanitizer, wiping off devices etc)
  • Practice/plan safe sneezing/coughing
  • Only bring notebook, pencil and computer to school (no unnecessary items/ clothing)
  • Practice drinking from their personal water bottle 
  • Practice/encourage child (our students) to not touch their face

Have Questions or Concerns?

Please contact our PS 333 Family Support Team


Parent Coordinator: Ms. Gerena:

STH Coordiantor: Ms. Peralta:

Technology for PS 333 Students

  • Families need to apply for computers now, via 311 or fill out the survey:
  • Personal technology will not be allowed in the school building. 
  • Students should bring school issued device (laptop or I pad) to school on cohort days. 
  • Students are encouraged to bring personal headphones
  • Students may bring personal computer mouse

Certify DOE I-Pads

All New York City DOE I-Pads need to be recertified. Please visit the doe site/ Todos los I-Pads deben ser recertificados. Visite el sitio de DOE: